July 2021

The story of K.

“Morocco is also my country, it is where I grew up. Even if I experience discrimination in my school people understand me and help me”. Currently 16 years old, the Congolese minor K., left his country of origin with his mother and sister looking for better living conditions. They crossed 4 countries on foot, namely

The Story of Khadija

Khadija is Iraqi. She wears the smile of her suffering. She is in her forties and married since 1986 to a Moroccan living in Baghdad. Through their union, two sons have been born. In Iraq, Moroccans are praised for their seriousness, their friendliness, and their attention to work. Khadija has worked in an association for

The Story of Solange

Solange, 39 years old, comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo where she obtained a baccalaureate in Math & Physics before starting her university studies. When war broke out in her country in 2000, she and thousands of others fled the horrors of the conflict. It took Solange 5 years to arrive in Morocco by

Summer Camp

At the Fondation Orient-Occident of Rabat. Contact us for more info.