The Fondation Orient-Occident works to consolidate a social and cultural connection between the Western and Eastern realities of the Mediterranean region. The main objective being to mediate and to promote a point of exchange between them. The Foundation is also committed to the issues of unemployment, and of migrants and refugees, particularly in order to improve the latters’ integration into Moroccan society and into the respective societies of reception where the Foundation works. In order to do so, it provides disadvantaged Moroccans, Sub-Saharan migrants and refugees with vocational training courses, social and psychological support but also a wide range of intercultural activities.

The integration of migrants through the valorization of their integrity from an holistic point of view (of their persona which comprises the cultural, social, psychological and economic aspects) is the model that the Fondation Orient-Occident proposes and that it aims at transposing to other, diverse social realities; this, is based on a work at a dual level: on the one hand a work of protection and safeguard, on the other a work of valorization and expression of cultural identity. Interculturality also allows migrants and refugees to express skills that can represent an added value for the hosting society, highlighting the potentialities within people beyond categorizations, thus countering negative narratives. The Fondation Orient-Occident has as its objective the deconstruction of the prejudices associated to the image of “the other”: “the other” should in fact not be seen as a threat, but as a precious resource.

Diversity is the tool for the protection and defense of human rights. Interculturality is the transversal approach to most of our activities and projects, interventions and initiatives: from migration to education, from development to employability, empowerment and protection.

What we do


Migrants du Monde – Atelier of Embroidery and Couture

They arrived in Morocco: they carried only their hands and a memory: both are custodians of a knowledge as diverse ...
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The Festival Rabat Africa

The Festival is an annual tradition of the Foundation and attracts over 5000 visitors every year: Rabat Africa is organized ...
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Cultural expression and the safeguard of cultural identity

The safeguard and valorization of migrants and refugees’ cultural identity represents the central value and core mission of the Foundation Orient-Occident: ...
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Interculinary activities

Interculinary activities, exchanges of kitchen knowhow ...
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