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Rabat: 33.976500, -6.885083
Casablanca: 33.586939, -7.533833
Oujda: 34.662930, -1.868200
Larache: 35.196537, -6.146593
Youssoufia Skills: 32.247815, -8.527783
Lecce - Italie: 40.402100, 18.177800


Fondation Orient-Occident is nowadays present in several moroccan cities: Rabat, Oujda, Casablanca, Larache, Safi, Youssoufia and Khouribga. The Foundation is also active in other Moroccan regions such as Fes – Meknes and Tanger – Larache.

We are working to expand our expertise to Europe, and we are nowadays present in Italy (Lecce).

AFOOFRANCE Paris & the sperimental center in Meaux, France, and “Friends of the Fondation Orient-Occident” – New York, were also established, in 1996 and 1998 respectively.



The administrative center of Rabat, is the headquarter of the Fondation Orient-Occident; it comprises 5 main structures: a Reception center ...
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The center of Casablanca is composed of 3 main structures which offer various activities and services: The socio-educational part of ...
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The center of Oujda currently has 3 main structures: A Reception center offers pedagogical and psychological assistance to migrants and ...
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The Center for Learning through Training The Center for the Hotel and Tourism industry offers a one-year training in the ...
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Youssoufia Skills

The Youssoufia Skills Center (CYS) was created in 2013 thanks to a partnership between the OCP Group and the Fondation ...
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Cooperativa Sociale Oriente-Occidente
Lecce, Italia



The president of the Fondation Orient-Occident of Marocco, Yasmina Filali, opened in Italy the Social Cooperative Orient-Occident (Cooperativa Sociale Oriente-Occidente), with the aim of realizing projects and actions in favour of the integration of migrants and for enhancing employability. The transposition of the Foundation’s expertise to Italy is part of a wider program of internationalization which foresees the expansion of the Foundation’s actions to Europe.

The Fondation Orient-Occident has, through the Cooperativa Sociale Oriente-Occidente, opened a new sewing and embroidery atelier for migrants and refugees’ integration in Lecce, following the model of “Migrants du Monde” in Rabat. A sales point of Migrants du Monde is already present at “La Fiermontina Urban Resort” in the historical center of Lecce.



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