The 2017 Refugees Week in Rabat at a glance

Every year, during the week of the World Refugee day, the Fondation Orient-Occident organizes the Refugees Week in Rabat: seven days of awareness raising and advocacy through seminaries, cultural and intercultural activies, music and other events.

Look at our photoalbum and get a glimpse from the 2017 Refugees Week

  • Football matches

  • Playing sports

  • An extraordinary spectacle

  • Live music sessions

  • Musical expressions

  • Cultural and artistic expression

  • Artistic performance

  • Playing games all together

  • Activities for the youngests

  • Dialogue between different cultural horizons

  • Art performance at the Foundation

  • Musical Performance

  • Art and Dance


Art and Music Performance organized during the 2017 Refugees Week at the Fondation Orient-Occident

ElenaThe 2017 Refugees Week in Rabat at a glance