Many people came to us throughout the years and so we came to know their stories, their journeys, their lives. For this reason, the Foundation has decided to create this section to share these tales of dreams, hopes, sorrows, joys and success. This section wants to raise awareness on the many issues that refugees, migrants and vulnerable people of all nationalities face both in Morocco and elsewhere.

This section also wants to give refugees the opportunity to tell their stories to other, and some of the following stories have been collected and written by refugees themselves. Here you can meet some of them and learn of how they happened to be in Morocco, to find the Foundation, to empower themselves and to find expression in always unique ways.

In this section we will tell you about the mutually enriching encounters between the Fondation Orient-Occident and many diverse persons; we will tell you about the creativities and opportunities that such encounters allowed and about the many ways in which all of the people who come to us contribute to keep the Foundation that bridge between cultures it wants to be.


Placide’s Story

I left the Congo to try and find a better life in Morocco, I traveled for 7 months, by bus ...
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Ephesian’s Story

*This story has been written by Ephesian in person (for this, the unique writing style). My name is Fonye Ephesian ...
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From Guinea to Morocco: a refugee success story

Imagine being born in Guinea, growing up in a country that is under the dictatorship of a military regime. You ...
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Khadija’s Story

A huge door was opening in front of me.. The Foundation was giving me some money, but, more than money, ...
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Solange’s Story

I left the Congo Kinshasa in 2001 because my country was at war and my family had disappeared. My trip ...
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