Fondation Orient-Occident is a point of encounter between the multiple realities existing across the shores of the Mediterranean: it creates a dialogue between local Moroccan, Sub-Saharan, and the Mediterranean cultures. The Fondation Orient-Occident supports migrants, refugees and the youth from underprivileged peripheral areas, by providing them with job training, education, professional training and a wide range of cultural and intercultural activities. The Fondation Orient-Occident is also active to promote integration, particularly at a dual level: on the one hand the integration of underprivileged Moroccans, Sub-Saharan migrants and refugees within Moroccan society; on the other, in collaboration with the UNHCR, the Foundation also promotes and facilitates migrants’ voluntary return to their own countries.

Fondation Orient-Occident’s engagement to the issue of migration also develops through a work of advocacy, both at the national and international level, through its participation to meetings (such as those in the framework of the World Economic Forum), conferences and seminaries.


Principal actions

Reception centers

In Rabat, creation in 2007 of the first Reception center in Morocco for sub-Saharan, Syrian and other migrants, refugees and ...
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Sub-Saharan migration and humanitarian assistance

Expansion of the activities of the center for “Migration and co-development” of the Fondation Orient-Occident in favor of Sub-Saharan migrants ...
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Environmental protection and climate migration prevention

After economic and war-related migration, the world will have to deal with climate change and migration due to the change ...
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Following is a list of the active projects and activities that we do on the ground, in partnership with several local and international actors and institutions:

With UNHCR: social assistance and strengthening community services for urban refugees and asylum seekers in Morocco (all regions).

With EIRENE Foundation: promote a society of equality chances for different ethnic groups residing in Rabat; (for this purpose, creation of a Web Radio)

With the Embassy of the Netherlands: support for the integration of migrants and rights to diversity, with the creation of an African intercultural center for the migrant population and for Moroccans (all ages). The project aims at making available to migrants psychological, social and professional services in order to develop their skills.

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Impact – Year 2017

Over 4000 Refugees and vulnerable people have received social assistance and benefitted from the work of the Foundation.

The following list shows the number of cases received in each Center of Competence of the Foundation, the numbers relative to the social assistance and the number of people who have benefitted from protection in our safe apartments. This list shows the datas relative to the project carried out in 2017 in partnership with the UNHCR.

In Rabat: Monitoring and accompaniment of 1351 cases (Refugees and Asylum Seekers)
-531 home visits
-86 people beneficiaries of home protection and emergency rooms
6 Awareness Raising workshop were organized (Rabat-Marrakech)

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Migration and Identity

The migration problem is cultural, it has to do with identity.
Integration means making bridges between cultures, valorising and healing damaged identities

Yasmina Filali, speaker at the session “The Race against Racism”, Davos Annual Meeting 2017

How can we identify the question of migrants’ identity, the identity of the “other”?

Yasmina Filali’s Intervention at the Forum VI in Beyrouth, Sursock Museum, September 2017

World Economic Forum of Davos 2019