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Ever since its establishment in 1994, the Fondation Orient-Occident in Morocco has had the mission to come towards the difficulties of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods and to promote employability by setting up socio-educational and professional training structures. In a second time, considering the increasing flow of migrants and refugees, the Foundation expanded its humanitarian programming to embrace both Moroccans and non Moroccans, particularly migrants and refugees. For this purpose, it also inaugurated, in partrnership with the UNHCR, several receptions centers and through its 25 years of action it has nowadays become an expert in the field of migration.

Fondation Orient-Occident also works for the protection of diversity, and for the valorisation of all cultures. Through the organization of projects and intercultural activities it intends to promote the encounter and the dialogue between the many people inhabiting together in a same land.



Fondation Orient-Occident is a point of encounter between the multiple realities existing across the shores of the Mediterranean: it creates ...
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Community development

NEW COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Prevention of migration - Village of Dcheir During the previous months, the Fondation Orient-Occident, on the ...
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The Fondation Orient-Occident works to consolidate a social and cultural connection between the multiple realities of the Mediterranean region as ...
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F Radio

Migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers have little space for expression and dialogue in Morocco, as in many host or stopover ...
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