Environmental protection and climate migration prevention

After economic and war-related migration, the world will have to deal with climate change and migration due to the change in environmental conditions. Conscious of this major risk for the future, notably on the African continent, the Foundation Orient-Occident has, since 2014, and in partnership with a team of Indian experts, initiated a program promoting the rehabilitation of rainwater harvesting techniques in the Southern Regions of Morocco, to prevent these areas from scarcity.

This program will furthermore enable the development of models that can contribute to strengthen the resilience of rural communities. The adoption of this model by other African countries will help to decrease the impact of migration out of marginal areas and more generally to prevent migration due to ecological constraints: for this reason Fondation Orient-Occident works to expand its expertise in order to transpose this model to other countries and areas which are likewise under the threat of water scarcity.

youssefEnvironmental protection and climate migration prevention