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The story of La Canadienne

“In Morocco, we strongly feel xenophobia against sub-Saharans. Sometimes it seems like you are in a state of war, they attack you and no one reacts.” The 34-year-old La Canadienne left her country, the Ivory Coast, with her husband and children because of war in 2010. Once they arrived in Togo they had to go

Photoshop courses for Arabic speakers

تنظم مؤسسة شرق-غرب دورات في الفتوشوب عبر الأنترنت أربعة أيام في الأسبوع لمدة شهرين للاجئين العرب وذلك المغاربة. – الرجال: *الإثنين من 18:00 إلى 21:00 *الأربعاء من 18:00 إلى 21:00 *الجمعة من 18:00 إلى 19:30 – النساء: *الثلاثاء من18:00 إلى 21:00 *الخميس من 18:00 إلى 21:00 *الجمعة من 18:00 إلى 19:30 بالنسبة ليوم الأحد يبقى


FITNESS CLASSES Every week: MONDAY – WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY at 4 p.m. For information and registration contact: 05 37 79 36 37 – 06 39 03 52 69 -100 DH per month -50 DH for registration -Free for refugees

Aujourd’hui je partage mon histoire – The story of Aboubakar

  “When I left my country, I did not have the desire to go to Europe and make money. I do not belong to a poor family, so I did not leave in order to be rich, but to become free and live my life. Freedom is the most important thing“. Aboubacar (Bouba) left the

Boutique Solidaire – Opening of a Solidarity room – Call for Donations

During the pandemic due to covid-19, the Foundation Orient-Occident is searching for a more durable solution in order to continue providing migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, with food, hygiene, and clothing assistance. In order to achieve this, the Foundation Orient-Occident appeals to everyone’s solidarity! The objective is to collect as many donations as possible in

Launch of the project “Aujourd’hui je partage mon histoire”

The series “Aujourd’hui je partage mon histoire” is a communication and awareness campaign, born out of the need to inform the audience about migration stories. Through this series, we do not deal with the subject of migration in general, but we intend to highlight the personal experience of the individual, beyond a fixed structure. We

Afro-Dance courses

Twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. With attendance! Registration is open! Price: 150 DH every month + 50 DH for registration. Free for refugees. Contact us for more info: Fondation Orient-Occident Avenue des F.A.R El Massira Commune de Yacoub El Mansour, B.P.3210 – Rabat Phone : +212 5 37 79 36 37