The administrative center of Rabat, is the headquarter of the Fondation Orient-Occident; it comprises 5 main structures: a Reception center for refugees and migrants, a socio-educational center, a listening center, a vocational/professional training structure and a kindergarten.

The Reception center offers pedagogical and psychological assistance to migrants and refugees coming from Sub-Saharan Africa, Syria and other countries. Further assistance and services include the creation of cooperatives, linguistic trainings (Dialect Arabic, French, English), help with schooling and integration of children in Moroccan public schools, as well as professional training.

The socio-educational center makes available to the public the following structures:

  • A library of 8000 works in Arabic and French
  • Multipurpose spaces for educational and cultural activities
  • Several study and reading room
  • A toy library
  • A cyberspace with 20 computers available for members
  • A newsstand
  • Workshops for children and adults (Theater, dance, drawing, etc)
  • Language and computer courses as well as a story-telling workshop are also offered weekly

The listening center organizes group workshops as well as individual accompaniment aimed at listening, guiding and supporting young people with academic difficulties, social suffering; the center also supports sub-Saharans as well as migrants and refugees coming from other countries.

Professional training : the center of Rabat has a training structure dedicated to NICT and offers 2 professional training courses:

  • Training CISCO – CCNA: maintenance and computer network systems
  • Caregiver training


The Socio-educational Center

The Foundation of Rabat

Reception Center for Migrants and Refugees, Fondation Orient-Occident of Rabat

Tables for work in the Socio-educational center

The Socio-educational Center

The Kindergarten

The garden of the Foundation

The Socio-educational Center from above

A room for Dancing and musical performances