Migration – Our projects

With UNHCR: social assistance and strengthening community services for urban refugees and asylum seekers in Morocco (all regions).

With EIRENE Foundation: promote a society of equality chances for different ethnic groups residing in Rabat; (for this purpose, creation of a web Radio).

With the Embassy of the Netherlands: support for the integration of migrants and rights to diversity, with the creation of an African intercultural center for the migrant population and for Moroccans (all ages). The project aims at making available psychological, social and professional services to migrants in order to develop their skills.

With the European Union: operation al Wassit for the rights of migrants (Mediator Operation). The overall objective of the project is contributing to the creation of a context favorable to the respect of the rights of migrants through the involvement of the civil society. The specific objective is to build the capacity of the civil society in the development and the setting up of strategies for improving the access to rights for migrants and the creation of spaces of tolerance and of interculturality.

With IOM: assistance and protection of women and men victims of human trafficking.

With IOM: counseling services in Morocco for migrants interested in the program of assisted voluntary return and reintegration.

With GIZ: capacity building projects for local collectives in the field of migration.

On the 31st of January 2018, with GIZ we launched the project “Bien Vivre Ensemble”, to contribute to the integration of migrants in the borough of CYM by raising awareness on the importance of values of living together and by promoting interculturality for the population and for the local actors.

With the UNHCR and DAFI: DAFI Scholarship Program. This project aims to enable refugees to pursue higher education.

With CARITAS INTERNATIONAL: assistance and accompaniment of Moroccans who have made voluntary return from Europe to Morocco.

We do trainings to associations: in 2017, 20 migrant associations have been trained, followed and supported by the Fondation Orient-Occident.

ElenaMigration – Our projects