Migration – Our Impact – year 2017

Over 4000 Refugees and vulnerable people have received social assistance and have benefitted from the work of the Foundation.
The following list shows the number of cases received in each Center of Competence of the Foundation, the numbers relative to the social assistance and the number of people who have benefitted from protection in our safe apartments. This list shows the datas relative to the project carried out in 2017 in partnership with the UNHCR.

In Rabat:

-Monitoring and accompaniment of 1351 cases (Refugees and Asylum Seekers)
-531 home visits
-86 people beneficiaries of home protection and emergency rooms
6 Awareness Raising workshop were organized (Rabat-Marrakech)

Unaccompanied Minors (MNA)

-Follow up of 122 Minors and Young Adults
-210 Social listening sessions
-99 home visits
-139 accompaniments (health, education, vocational training, housing)
-38 Minors Beneficiaries of Housing Programs

In Oujda: 

-1050 cases received
-1358 listening sessions
-330 home visits
-850 orientations
-8 Beneficiaries of protection and emergency housing
Travel to 6 cities (al hoceima – nador – elain – guersif – taourirt – berkane)
12 Activities (Information Sessions, Medical Campaign, Debating Workshops, Awareness raising.)

In Fes / Meknes: 

-254 cases received
-392 listening sessions
-121 home visits
-151 orientations
-130 vulnerable cases
-80 accompaniments
6 Activities were organized (awareness raising workshops, DAFI workshops, VSS / DAFI workshop, AGDM Fès and Meknes, Medical Day)

In Tangier:

-323 Social listening
-145 Home visits to the city of Tangier, Larache, Assilah, Tetouan and Martil
-77 Accompaniment in different structures (associations, centers, hospitals, public administrations.)

For the Pole Education:

  • 1900 Refugee Children were enrolled in the formal Moroccan System (primary / secondary), in the Kindergarten of the FOO and in Universities. (Numbers for the Centers of Rabat, Casablanca, Fez, Tangier, Oujda).
  • Number of Refugee Children schooled in the informal school system: 57- Number of Refugee Children enrolled in the Kindergartens outside of the FOO: 415
  • Number of beneficiaries of vocational training courses and Skills building, for Status:
    Refugees – 301
    Asylum Seekers – 71
    Migrants – 424
    Moroccans – 256
ElenaMigration – Our Impact – year 2017