Auditory Journey

Are you ready for a trip to the heart of Africa…? Stroll through the Foundation and meet Bernard, Abdellatif, Mohammed, Florence and Bairo, who will share their countries’ secrets with you.

Follow the signposted route and sit down to listen to these five stories at the different locations of the Foundation. Choose your language (French or English), close your eyes and enjoy this singular auditory journey.

This trip results from the storytelling campaign “Parle moi de ton pays”, which aims to discover new cultures, not thanks to Wikipedia or a travel blog, but with the eyes of the locals, that is to say, a passionate gaze.

We invite you to discover many more captivating stories on the Fondation Orient-Occident website:

You will celebrate a wedding in Palestine, taste Indonesian specialities in Chad, observe tropical birds in Bangui or sail on the Nile in Sudan.

The journey has only just begun!

ElenaAuditory Journey