Reception centers

In Rabat, creation in 2007 of the first Reception center in Morocco for sub-Saharan, Syrian and other migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, in partnership with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). A reception center is also present in Oujda; the Foundation spreads its actions also to the center of Casablanca and throughout all regions of Morocco.

All the centers offer psychological, pedagogical and social assistance and support. They also assist migrants who want to make voluntary return to their own countries of origin.

An orientation towards self-sufficiency includes the creation of cooperatives, linguistic training courses (Moroccan Arabic, French, English), assistance to the schooling of children in public schools, as well as professional training. Cultural and Intercultural activities are organized on a weekly basis, and ateliers of different nature are often organize in order to allow people to learn, share, exchange and to be creative.

In addition, the Foundation’s actions aim at encouraging community projects and providing protection and assistance to the most vulnerable people, including unaccompanied children, minors, persons with disabilities, women at risk and the LGBT community. For this purpose 7 safe apartments and 1 emergency room are made available to the most vulnerable.

A team of professionals welcomes more than 2,000 refugees, asylum seekers and migrants each year. Our centers contribute to the promotion of dialogue and integration of newcomers into Moroccan society.

Partners: CIDEAL and UNHCR, in the Centers of Rabat, Casablanca Sidi Moumen and Oujda.

Legal Assistance

Atelier for Women Integration

Gardening Workshop for minors in Rabat 2017

The Cooperative "Migrants du Monde" in Rabat, which gives jobs to Refugees and local Moroccan Women

Noureddine Dadoun, in charge of monitoring unaccompanied minors at the Center of Rabat

Atelier for the Integration of Refugees in Morocco

Posing during the 2017 Refugee week

Psychosocial Assistance and Listening Service

Ateliers of Interpretation offered by the National School of Theatre and Dance d'Abidjan - December 2017

Entrance to The Fondation Orient-Occident of Rabat

Looking over the garden, Fondation Orient-Occident, Rabat

Reception Center for Migrants and Refugees, Fondation Orient-Occident of Rabat

The world at the Fondation Orient-Occident

Below is a graphic showing the different nationalities of the beneficiaries of the Foundation (year 2015): those that we help, those that come to our centers, and those who follow our activities and professional training courses.
We have a totality of 24 different nationalities!

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