Khadija’s Story

A huge door was opening in front of me.. The Foundation was giving me some money, but, more than money, the Foundation has gifted me with hope: it helped me coming out of my depression, it gave me the desire to live again..
Everybody respects me here, and I have found a family in this Atelier: every woman I work with is like a relative, a sister.

Khadija, Iraqi refugee working at the Atelier “Migrants du Monde” in Rabat

Khadija is of Iraqi origins: since 1986, she is married with a Moroccan man settled in Bagdad: they have two kids, their jobs, a house… After the war, things change and the couple receives death threats: their cousins are tortured and executed by the militia, their kids killed during an explosion; the couple looses their house due to explosions, and is eventually forced to leave the country. Having traveled through Jordan, it eventually arrives in Morocco, where Khadija joins her family-in-law. After her arrival, Khadija falls in depression.. she does not want to live anymore.

When she passes by the Fondation Orient-Occident, she sees bunches of women and children; she hears a music, and the sound of drums. Khadija seeks information on the Foundation, and she discovers that it is a place where they help migrants and refugees, as well as Moroccans in precarious conditions. Khadija has knowedge of embroidery, and she soon joins the Atelier “Migrants du Monde” , where she has been working ever since 2012.

If the Fondation Orient-Occident cannot replace all I have lost in my life, at least it has gifted me with a certain independence and security, it gave me the opportunity to learn a job and above all, it has surrounded me with precious affections.

“Migrants du Monde” is the brand name for the garment and embroidery workshop set up since 2010 at the Foundation Orient-Occident of Rabat and consists of one of the Foundation’s main activities aimed at the integration of female migrants and refugees within Moroccan society through a form of “artistic” intercultural dialogue. Here, women have the opportunity to share their knowledge of embroidery of their respective countries through the realization of culturally traditional garments and to express themselves and their experience through intercultural exchange; furthermore the Atelier also helps them to become independent. Click here to learn more about “Migrants du Monde”.

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